A 17-Year-Old Secondary School Student Lost His Life After Engaging In A Fight With His Friend

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A 17-year-old boy who is in Senior Secondary School, located in Itokin area of Ogun State has lost his life after engaging in a fight with his classmate, Ayo.

The deceased who was identified as Habeeb Adeosun slumped while fighting with his classmate over a girlfriend, he later rushed to the hospital where he gave up the ghost.

It was reported that Ayo confronted the deceased for reportedly stepping on the toes of his girlfriend inside the classroom, adding that they were struggling over a bag.

Ayo, 16 reportedly ran away after the incident but was arrested later by the police.

According to Ayo’s relative, Ewenje said the deceased’s parents had gone to work on Monday when the ugly incident happened.

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He disclosed, “We were at home when someone rushed to tell us that a pupil punched Habeeb (Adeosun) on the chest and he slumped. We learned he had been rushed to a hospital. We reported to the police station and some policemen followed us to the school. Some pupils who witnessed the incident said the boy confronted Habeeb for stepping on his (Ayo’s) girlfriend. He ran away when he saw that Habeeb could not stand up.”

Ewenje also added that some youths mobilized to the school the next day, blaming the school authorities over the incident.


He said, “People were running helter-skelter. The school was eventually shut. The family didn’t know about the attack. We have accepted what happened in good faith and buried him according to Islamic rites. Police said they wanted to carry out an investigation but we insisted we could not delay his burial.

“We are not interested in the case. Some pupils claimed that he hit Habeeb with a charmed ring. If he actually did, God will reward him accordingly. Habeeb was 17 years old and he just completed his Quranic study.”

According to Ayo, he said a fight ensued between him and the deceased when he was struggling bag with him, adding that the deceased hit him first and he returned his turn which made Habeeb slumped.

He said, “I am 16-year-old. I live at Abule Ijoko and attend Itokin Community High School. Habeeb and I were both in the same class. That day, he came to my seat and took my bag. I asked him to return my bag but he refused. I thought he was playing with me. As we were dragging the bag with each other, he hit me on the chest. I returned mine and he fell.

“I thought he was joking. Our classmates poured water on him and rushed to call teachers. The attendants at the school clinic came to check him but he didn’t respond. They then rushed him to the hospital.

“I didn’t hit him with any ring. We were friends and we used to play with each other. I didn’t run away. It was our teachers who asked someone to take me away because some thugs were threatening to kill me. I was crying when I learned he had died.”


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