Article: 10 Things Upcoming Artist Must Do to Be Very Successful in The Nigerian Music Industry

10 Things Upcoming Artist Must Do to Be Very Successful in The Nigerian Music Industry

In the well saturated music industry, upcoming artists finds it hard to climb the success ladder. Due to some factors, every day, more new talents are springing forth into music scene.

So, what are the things you must not and do to be outstanding in the Nigerian music industry? This article helped you answer that question, just read on.

1 Know Why You Do Music.
Clarity in whatever we are pursuing is very important and you can’t do without having clarity if you want to succeed in the Nigerian Music Industry.
If you want to be a successful, you must be focused. And to be focused, you must be clear about what you are doing in the music industry.
What do you really want? You can’t tell me you just want to be famous. Fame is one of the rewards, but that’s not enough reason to start your music career.
So, ask yourself “What am I doing in this industry?”

2. Give Out Value
Someone said to me “Lyricists and rappers are great preachers, so remember to talk about social issues, or something that we listeners can connect to.” This is someone who heard my song and advising me.
Value should be one thing your music has, else, you would just be making noise.
What message are you giving out through your songs? How do they appeal to your listeners?
Let your music be out to make impact and you are going to be successful.

3. Give it Your Best shot
As an upcoming artist, you may not have all the resources the popular and already big-time artists have at their disposal. But this is why you must maximize every resource you have; money, time, relationships, technology and gadgets etc.

You have to commit to your career as an artist, be out there when you should, do what you need to do, learn more about your music career, just give it the best you have.

4. Massively Promote Yourself
Promotion is not just for the top artists; it is for everyone. Basically, only few people know you as a musician when you are coming up. That is why you need to massively promote yourself.
Promote Yourself and your craft via social media; frequently create short content like freestyle and covers and post them on social media. Use blogs, radio, television, go to events etc.

5. Mind Your Business
Gossiping about other artists is something you must avoid. Just mind your own business and try to focus on your career.
No matter how it will play to your advantage, learn to listen to rumors and keep them to yourself. never spread rumors about another fellow artist.

If you must talk about your fellow artist either about what they are doing wrong or about mistakes they are making in their career as an artist, you should reach them personally. You can make friends with them and talk about it, may be give them some advice about something true that people are saying about them. But never talk about your fellow artists behind their backs.

6. Be Professional
To be taken seriously, you must be and look serious. Being professional gives you an upper hand in the music world. Although it cost, but you must not be rich to look professional. This is what I mean, having a good lyrical content, get a good graphics designer for your art or learn the skill, wear good clothes and look neat, have a logo, clean looking social media handles, and a website if you can afford one.

7. Keep in shape

This is already self-explanatory. You can’t be looking
like Rick Ross and expecting your female fans to appreciate you. In order to be able to throw off your
shirt at any given time, you will need to have the right 6packs (Please no hungry packs) but the right packs
like Iyanya, flavour and rudeboy. Now if you a female artiste, then you need to shed off those unwanted fats
around your stomach and reserve it for your hips and bust because this is what Nigerian men love and you
need it for your photo and video shoots.

8. Hit the headlines (Controversy)

Denrele once said “Good publicity is good publicity.
Bad publicity is good publicity. No publicity is bad
Being in the news is key! Do whatever it takes to hit
the headlines! You got to be kidding me if you need
suggestions on how to achieve this. Ok, I’ll give you a
few. Have several baby mamas, have several tattoos
or date two popular celebrities, start a twitter fight by
dissing another celeb or release a terrible song,
breakup with your music label or have a groupie take
a photo of you in bed while you pretend to be asleep.

Please follow these suggestions at your own risk
because I do not endorse bad behavior. 😉

9. Get a slogan

You think Tonto Dike was dumb when she thought of

We have seen artistes carve a niche for themselves
with slangs that they use. Iyanya gave us “Your
waist”, Durella would “Zanga” this, Dbanj is the
custodian of “Kokolet, Labata, Lebete, Eja nla and so on” while
Tuface never fails to remind us that “Nothin dey
You can just think of something unique and make it yours!

10. The best things are not for FREE!

Dont be reluctant when it comes to spending, in the present Nigerian music industry if you can’t pay the right people I’m sorry to say your music will go nowhere, OAPs, Social Media
publicists, Radio/Satellite channels, Magazines, Top DJs, Top bloggers, music promotion companies, don’t joke with the services of those people, consult them to work for you even if it requires paying them huge amounts for the publicity you need just for you to get to the top.

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