Article: Why The “BIG MAN” Will Not Call You Back By Patrick Okolie

Patrick Okolie (CEO of Sound4mula Entertainment Entertprise)

I’ve noticed that when an average guy meets a big man, the first thing that comes to his head is “this man is gonna change my story”, “this man is gonna change my life”. Now, that’s a wrong thinking. What you should think about is that, “How can I contribute to the life of this big man?

That way you’re going to differentiate yourself from the hundreds and thousands of people that are asking him for help, when you can separate yourself, when he looks at his missed calls in the evening, he’s gonna call you back, but if you just join hundreds of people and thousands of people asking him for favour, why should he put your case ahead of the others? Okay?

You should think about something that you can add to his life.

Now as small as you are, you think you’re small, right? You think you need help, you know there are some people you’re better than, and there are some people asking you for help, whose will you return first, when you look at your missed calls?

The person trying to contribute to your life or the person trying to take from your life?

Always find a way to contribute to the lives of people. I will tell you, that way you will get more help.

That’s what I do, and I think you should try it too.

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