DO YOU THINK SO? Possible Reason Why Burnaboy Keep On Beating Davido Like A Child Back To Back

Some people said Davido and Burnaboy belongs to same Cult group, that they’re fighting for supremacy.

Wow I’m just hearing that for the first time.🤔

If that is true, it simply means Burnaboy is of higher rank than Davido. And David doesn’t wanna be submissive to his superior (Burna), maybe because of his dad’s wealth or popularity.

That’s why Burna dey drill Davido back to back like small pikin.😫

But in***** you must submit to your superior no matter how rich or popular you are.

If you noticed, Wizkid nodey gree put mouth for this matter. Hmmm nawao.

Lemme be going.🚶

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