I Was Inspired By Role Model, Shakira Says Boss Lady

Sound4mula Entertainment Enterprise front female artist Ogude Princess with the stage name boss lady in an interview with a media associate of her promoting brand.

S4M Media: Good morning young lady may I know your name?

Boss Lady: My name is Ogude Princess

S4M Media: We have got some questions to ask you about your music career, can we have a little bit of your time?

Boss Lady: Okay, that is fine.

S4M Media: What drew you into music?

Boss Lady: Well, I can’t categorically say that something drew me into music, I love music from birth.

S4M Media: Definitely nothing drew you into music but I believe you were inspired by one or two persons am I right?

Boss Lady: Yes you are. I was inspired by my role model Shakira. She made me fall in love with music.

S4M Media: Can you explain your creative process.

Boss Lady: When writing a song, I do it anywhere and anytime. Though my inspiration in writing songs comes when am all alone.

S4M Media: Is there a hidden meaning in any of your music?

Boss Lady: Yes but I tend to keep that all to myself for now

S4M Media: Do you collaborate with others?

Boss Lady: Yes I do

S4M Media: Where is your favorite performance town?

Boss Lady: My favorite performance town is in Agbor, Delta State.

S4M Media: What is your reason for choosing Agbor, Delta State?

Boss Lady: Well that is because I have a whole lot o my fans there.

S4M Media: What advice would you have for someone wanting to follow in your footsteps?

Boss Lady: Well my advice to anyone out there following my footsteps is to always focus on his or her dream. Focus on the positive outcome of it and never feel rejected or left out, and if I happen to be your role model keep this word to your heart; DO AS I SAY DON’T DO AS I DO.

Wow Boss Lady it was really nice having you on this platform today we hope to spend more time with you. Thank you and God bless.

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