Patrick Okolie Replies Akpola de Comedian Concerning Ndokwa Entertainers

It came to my notice that Akpola de Comedian is accusing Ndokwa Entertainers which is led by a recognized Ndokwa Music artist with the stage name as a fraudulent organization.

If really Comr. Henry Franklin (CEO of Henry Land Hotel) sent money specially for you the organizing team of the event or rather the wife of Comr. Henry Franklin would have given a clear notification on that.

If you were at the show you will know that the event was meant to promote artist in Ndokwa and the 50k received was for about 30 artists, calculate the accommodation, feeding and transportation for 3days of which it was used wisely and on monday morning artists met at the Hotel.

Do not compare Ndokwa Talents to Ndokwa Entertainers because you will only end up creating enemities between both organization.

I remain Patrick Okolie
CEO of Sound4mula Entertainment Enterprise.

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