YBNL Former Artist Pelepele Makanaki Is Dead >> Why Did He?

This is a very sad news 😢😢😢

Former YBNL Artiste Olanrewaju Pelepele is dead – he committed suicide earlier this morning (Friday) at Ikorodu.

He took his life a week after talking about his battle with depression due to his inability to fully break into the Nigerian music industry despite 10 years of hard work 😢

pelepele makanaki is dead


Why would someone be that cruel to themselves? Why would someone not give a hoot about life?

1. They Are Depressed

Over half of all attempted suicides are as a result of depression.

Depression is sadness multiplied infinite times. It is darkness, pain, hopelessness, and anhedonia all inhabiting the same person.

2. Drugs

Case on spot here is the seemingly “harmless” alcohol

Most depressed people tend to lose themselves in alcohol in an attempt to escape their persistent pathological melancholy.

It works for some time, helps them forget themselves for some time, puts a song in their lips and gets them newer friends. But with time, it ceases to comfort them.

Alcohol leads to loss of whatever little self control was left and that is how a person is found hanging from his roof reeking alcohol.

3. Disappointment and Loss

Divorce, death, break-ups, this world is so full of disappointments and when people can’t deal with them, they remove themselves from them permanently

 4. Personality Abnormalities

Then there are those who are kind of impulsive. They will fallout with girl-friends, threaten to kill themselves and they do. This is common among teenagers

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