How Men Fall Prey To My Fake Nude Photos Online – Curvy Actress, Didi Ekanem Speaks

Didi Ekanem, the big bum Nollywood star, has expressed her disappointment in men who get carried away seeing her doctored nude photos on the Internet.

According to her, she is tired seeing randy men falling prey to impostors using her photo shopped nude photos to commit all sorts of atrocities on social media.

In her words, “To be honest, this thing is becoming really scary and terrible. I have warned people severally on my Instagram page that I am not active on Facebook. I barely visit Facebook. So, it baffles me why these men will continue to fall prey to these impostors. How do you send money to someone you haven’t seen? Why? And to think that I am constantly being harassed, either on the road or Instagram is scary. It’s getting out of hand and at this point, I think I can’t ignore it anymore”.

Speaking further, the CEO of Odot Fashion bemoaned the continuous harassment she faces from men, adding that she would never ask a man for money on social media.

“When these men finally meet me somewhere, they will walk up to me and start acting familiar. And when I act strange, they will be like, ‘but I just sent you some money few days ago nah, and I’m like ‘how?’ They will even go as far as showing me their conversations as proof. Trust me, it’s embarrassing. Men should please stop sending money to people claiming to be me. I am barely active on Facebook. I will never ask a man for money on social media. Please men be careful,” she pleaded.

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