Please Help! My Boyfriend Broke Up With Me, My Best-Friend Raped Me, I Might Commit Suicide Soon

Hi. I’m really devastated, and I don’t know what to do. Yesterday was just terrible.

In the morning, my boyfriend and I broke up. It was a mutual thing. He needs to travel, work and get his life on track, and I was like a distraction. Plus he hardly ever had time for me. I loved him though. I still do. Seeing his name anywhere makes my eyes teary.

So we parted ways yesterday morning. I left his place and I just felt so empty. I didn’t want to stay in my room thinking, so I decided to visit my best friend and hang there for a while.

So I went to his house. He has a housemate. None of us had eaten, so I made a light breakfast.

We all ate, we were watching TV and drinking vodka. I know you’ll probably blame me for drinking alcohol in a guy’s house, but I was just so sad and wanted to stop hurting.

I was even on my period, so I felt safe. And I’ve been friends with this guy for a while, even paid me to cook for him previously.

He drank more than me. After some hours, he went into the room, then came back and said I should come and take a look at something in the room, I honestly can’t remember the exact words he used.

That part is a bit hazy. I entered the room then he locked the door and came at me.

I was confused, and he kept using calm words while trying to remove my clothes.

Believe me, I fought back, but he is much taller than me, stronger n older.

He knew it was my time of the month, but he didn’t care.

I tried to reason with him, but he said his alter ego was the one in control, and he would hurt me.

He choked me a couple of times…the veins around my neck still hurt.

My arms still hurt from struggling. The sheets got stained. Foolish me forgot I should take pictures. I was just really scared and hurt.

I don’t have evidence to take to the police, I don’t even have money to pay them in order to arrest him. He has money, and he can easily bribe his way out.

I want to hurt him, but I don’t know-how

I don’t even have anyone to talk to about it. This is the only thing I could think of.

What Should I Do?

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