Second Niger Bridge is named after Buhari, not Jonathan – Presidential aide

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President Muhammadu Buhari’s Personal Assistant on New Media, Bashir Ahmad, has said the second Niger bridge is named after the president.

Ahmad said the Second Niger Bridge is named after Buhari and not the immediate past president, Goodluck Jonathan.

In a series of tweets, the presidential aide shared a video of the 1.6km bridge on social media, which he described as a major connection point between two economically vital regions in Nigeria.

According to Ahmad: “Ladies and gentlemen, the Muhammadu Buhari Bridge (MBB), a 1.6KM Bridge that will be a major connection point between two economically vital regions in Nigeria.”

But, some Twitter users objected to the name, saying the bridge should be named Second Niger Bridge, and not Buhari.

@Arizona_CF, objected, tweeted: “The name is 2nd Niger Bridge. Any other name doesn’t stand a chance.”

@Greenaetion said, “It is not Muhammadu Buhari Bridge and it can never be. It wasn’t Buhari who initiated the project nor did he use his salary to construct the Bridge. That’s 2nd Niger Bridge or Southern Link Bridge.”

Reacting, Ahmad insisted that the bridge will be named Buhari and not Jonathan

He tweeted, “So, can we call it Goodluck Jonathan Bridge for sketching the bridge? The bridge is to be called ‘Muhammadu Buhari Bridge’, read the name again and let it sink in your head.”

The Second Niger Bridge, which links Onitsha and Asaba, started during Jonathan’s administration in 2014.

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