(SONG) Tc Taylors – Naija Reign ft. Emdon X SYL




Is not irony of truth from the content.The lyrical content of this song based on do and don’t from previous dispensations which triggers my inspiration

The truth of the feelings becomes a song that I believe it says the minds of most Common Nigerians called “the street,which is the only once that feels the heat,and it remains the metaphor of what Nigeria is all about

A song written and composed by tctaylors throwback in 2012 features two great artist Emdon & Syl, will become only ways of encouragement to those that has encouraged thier self’s in the street,maybe a way to sit up those in politics to at least copy the mind set of the founders of this grate popular Nation,whose dreams is to build the Nation and not a foul play expression in politicking.

The song wants us to find a good ways to add our pluses and being careful to do our Minuses, the bottom line.
We really wants to survive ,is not that we have the taste of insatiable,but the system made survival here,like seeing through the sunshine






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