“Sound Sultan Was My Defender When I Had A Problem In The Music Industry”Seyi Shay Revealed

“Sound Sultan Was My Defender When I Had A Problem In The Music Industry"Seyi Shay Revealed
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Popular Nigerian singer and songwriter, Seyi Shay has disclosed in her recent interview with Chude Jideonwo said she began to get honors for her beauty when she arrived in Nigeria.“Sound Sultan Was My Defender When I Had A Problem In The Music Industry"Seyi Shay Revealed

According to Seyi Shay; “I am not an easy person to pigeonhole, I am not an easy person to say she is like this or she is like that. I have never thought I am beautiful or pretty. I started to hear that more when I moved back to Nigeria. In the UK, it’s just like who cares? You live your life, you do you. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but in Nigeria how you look is everything.

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“I’m happy with my career, especially now that I have this new project I’m about to drop. I could have never come up with such genius last year, maybe that’s why people think I’m arrogant. I’m a big girl now, so I’m not scared of you guys anymore. But this genius that I’m about to put out, I couldn’t have done it before now, because the content is just so mind-blowing. It’s like the old and the new me merged together. Sound-wise, it’s probably what people want to hear from me.”

The singer talked about how she lived with the late Nigerian popular musician, Sound Sultan when she relocated to Nigeria.

“Sound Sultan teamed me up with Cecil Hammond of Fly Time. Cecil and Sultan brought me to Lagos and I lived with Sultan for about a year. I lived with both him and his wife. He was my mentor, one of my best friends. We co-wrote songs together. At some point, our relationship became less about music and more about friendship. He was like my ‘small daddy’ kind of.
“When I started getting into trouble in the industry, Sound Sultan was like my bailout, my defender. He was very close to me and then his wife became my ‘small’ mummy. Sound Sultan was an incredible genius,” She said.

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