Teni flees as gunshots disrupt performance in Port Harcourt

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Famous Nigerian singer, Teni Apata narrowly escaped being shot at a concert in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

In a viral video, gunshots were fired in the crowd while Teni was performing on stage.

It is however unclear what prompted the shooting as diverse claims have been making the rounds on social media.

An eyewitness who attended the show took to her Twitter page narrating what happened.

According to @JoyDaminabo_, “I was there and it was a mess people were rushed to clinics because of the stampede.

“They wanted to kidnap Teni then her bouncers started shooting everywhere not just towards the sky but everywhere it was horrible I feel bad for her.”

Another eyewitness claimed the shots were fired after a fight broke out between two showgoers while other stories said members of rival cults engaged themselves in a shootout, causing pandemonium.

Teni is yet to confirm or give details about the incident.

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