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Ndokwa is coined from Ndosumili and Ukwuani, the two groups that make up the Ndokwa ethnic nationality. “We are one of the tribes in the Southern part of Nigeria in the Western part of the Niger Delta”.
Ndokwa is found as majorly in the Northern part of Delta State and in some parts of Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni local government area of Rivers State, Nigeria.
Ukwuani, although a minority group in Nigeria, is the second largest ethnic nationality in Delta state after the Urhobo people. They are also the largest group in Delta North senatorial district which is usually referred to as Anioma region. Ndokwa Land consists of three robust Local Government Areas: (Ndokwa West, Ndokwa East, and Ukwuani). There are over three dozens of towns and villages in Ndokwa. The three most popular ones are Kwale, Aboh and Obiaruku. Ndokwa land lies between latitudes 50 481 N and 50 601 N and longitudes 60 081 E and 60 321 E of Delta State. It has common boundaries in the North with Ika South and Aniocha South Local Government Areas. Isoko South and Isoko North bound it in the south while it also has a common boundary with Ughelli North and Ethiope East Local Government Areas and Edo State as well as River Niger in the west and east, respectively. The important rivers in the region are Niger, Ethiope, Adofi, and Umu while the Ase creek is the major creek. Yet, Ndokwa is one of the ethnic group whose history is undocumented.
Like many ethnic group in Nigeria, Ndokwa has had it’s share in inter communal crisis over resources, power struggle and infrastructure. “We a fair place as one of the Oil producing areas of Delta State with many other firm operating from the land”. Ndokwa has also held a fair shear in Delta State government with respect to our Councillors, Local Government Chairmen and Our Legislatures.
“Nevertheless, we are gradually heading to a time where  the conscious engagement and empowerment of youth is critical for development. Especially, the conscious empowerment of Ndokwa Youths in the affairs relating to the governance and leadership of our beloved Delta State”.
This is critical in all sphere of life as it  said, “ani Ndokwa ba mamma, Ndokwa (it will take Ndokwa to develop Ndokwa) – Smart Williams.
We have seen cases where our youth struggle to gain attention for the conscious betterment of our land, yet they get arrested. For instance, Ado’s arrest; 7th February 2016, “Ado was arrested by the police for allegedly masterminding a protest against Agip Oil company over its refusal to connect the community to the national electricity grid. The youths, under the aegis of Ndokwa Youths Alive Progressive Forum (NYAPF) of which Ozegbe Ado is president, had embarked on a protest in December over non-availability of electricity to communities under Ndokwa West LGA.”
In February 8th and 22nd 2018 as reported by Ndokwa Reporters, we saw the conscious demand by the youths to have Hon Chika Ossai as member, Delta State House of Assembly.
It is beneficial to every tribe to have her youth involved in both government and cooperate leadership. Hence, empowering the next generation.
However, “we are challenged as Ndokwa Visionary Youths in politics due to lack of sponsorship. Every child has all it take to make a mark provided the father is solidly behind him. I for instance am an indigenous Ndokwa youth involved in the conscious struggle for a better Ndokwa nation. But, the set back remains the issue of lack of sponsorship”.
We see our equals take up leadership mantle not because they are too qualified but because they have their fathers backing.
A close look at the history of Ndokwa shows how much the youth have featured prominently in political leadership and governance. But in recent times, the story is not exactly the same. Our leaders has recently exhibited a drawback attitude in youth sponsorship.
Ndokwa youth involvement in politics and participation in Unionism has suffered greatly, we now see cases where our youth struggle with little or no leaders support.
“Most of us fall out in the struggle, not because we don’t have the vibe, but because our leaders has shown an act of non interest in youth sponsorship with respect to government. Most of us  (the likes of Comr Enudi Marcus) has lead faithfully in the struggle. If and only if our leaders will see the need to incorporate Ndokwa Youth in the government of Delta State, then we can dance in the street and merry for a new dawn”.
I wish to conclude by begging my fathers for their support and sponsorship not just to me but to Ndokwa Sons and Daughters (using my self as a case study) in politics.
Comr. Chidike Edmond Ojuyenum.
Voice of Freedom Network.

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