The Revolution Team Upholds Comr Ifeakachukwu Ugboma

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We have been tossed here and there since 1999We have been told too many excuses as to why they have failed to live or lead up to expectations
We have been beaten to the ground
We have been chased to hide and not speak by those that found their way into authority

Ask yourself this questionWere are we in Ndokwa and we’re are we heading to?
Comr Ifeakachukwu Ugboma a serving Youth leader for the very first time in the histories of our great land is out to cause a drastic change.
Comr Ifeakachukwu Ugboma is not a part of the system that kept us backward

Comr Ifeakachukwu Ugboma is the only Aspirant with clear Manifesto and a Development Blue Print that states clearly how he intend to represent our people and not rule our people.
We must save our tomorrow and that begins todayComr Ifeakachukwu Ugboma left the PDP to contest from PPA because he wants to go to the field unlike others setting out to look for settlement and appointment.
Comr Ifeakachukwu Ugboma is a good news to us in Ndokwa and we at the Revolution will do our possible best to orient our people.
All we need now is free and fair electionsWe don’t want our vote which is our right to be stolen again
The Truth is that the message of Comr Ifeakachukwu Emmanuel Ugboma is fast spreading into the hearts of the Ndokwa People.
Let us do something new to have a new result
VoteComr Ifeakachukwu Emmanuel Ugboma ForHouse of Representatives Ndokwa/Ukwuani Federal ConstituencyPPA

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