We are not leaving our country for Putin – Ukrainian female lawmaker enters war front

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Female Ukrainian Parliamentarian, Kira Rudik, has taken up arms, vowing to help her country’s military mount resistance against Russia.

Rudik, Ukrainian parliamentarian currently in Kyiv, told CNN that it is strange to go from working as a member of parliament to fighting as a soldier in the warfront.

She said in such a situation, “Then you know you have to do something,” under the threat of Russian attack.

“That’s when you get a gun and you learn how to shoot it. You understand you have to get a group of resistance, which we did, and now we are helping our army to fight Russian soldiers who are trying to take Kyiv right now as I am talking to you,” she said.

Rudik says this is the “new reality”.

“We are not leaving. This is our town and this is our country, and no Putin soldiers will tell us how to live,” she added.

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