What You Should Do For Your Music in 2020 To Smile At The End Of The Year

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Patrick Okolie (CEO of Sound4mula Entertainment Enterprise)

Dear Musician,

2019 has come and gone. While many musicians are happy about it, many more are not happy because they didn’t accomplish much with their music.

Now, the question is: Should You Go Through 2020 The Same Way You Do In 2019? Well, it depends. If you did well in 2019, then you should, of course, do more in 2020. If you didn’t do much, then you should do more in 2020; and if you didn’t do anything at all, then you should start doing something in 2020.


1) That You Must Have A Sponsor before you make it in music: this is the biggest myth that’s making many musicians not move at all. Practically every musician i have met always think it is their right for people to spend money on them. This insinuation is totally out of line now. Music is not a charity. Nobody just pours money into any business and just run. It has to be very strategic and must be profit inclined.

2) Except for other reasons, nobody will just carry his money and spend on you. Stop thinking that because you can sing some lines or compose some lines then it means you are worth investing in. Like I said above, Music is a business and not charity. Its charity you just spend money on without expecting income. Music is something that if someone spends N2million, he wants to get N10million back. Which means you must be worth investing in.

3) The Modus Operandi in Music Business Has Changed Especially in Nigeria: You guys should learn to understand that 2010 when Wizkid came on board and 2015 when Kiss Daniel came on etc is not the same as 2019. Let me tell you what happened. (a) The way recording deals with these older generations of musicians and their labels turned soured has greatly affected how people invest in musicians. And this has affected the industry. (b) With the emergence of the Buhari Govt and the upscale game of the EFCC against Yahoo guys, sorry guys, people who would have sponsored are close to unavailable. This is a reality.


(1) Once you are 18 yrs and above, time don pass to dey wait for person to sponsor you. Other young people are hustling. Take your future into your hands. Learn to hustle. Acquire skills, learn jobs, start something that will bring you money. The fear of artistes leaving labels when things are good for them has killed sponsors’ interest in the music business.

(2) Don’t Pursue What You Can’t Sustain: What kills many emerging musicians is the fact that they pursue what they can’t sustain. Guys, forget what you see on TV. You need to ask concrete questions. Don’t ever think any of the musicians you see on TV or hear on Radio just sent their songs and they get heavy rotation. They fucking paid deep cash for it. Music business is a serious business. So, if you don’t have the deep cash to go all the length, honestly don’t even start. Fine, it’s okay to wish on luck to come upon you with what you have; luck that a prospective sponsor will see your work and sponsor; well this is a farce. 99% of times, it doesn’t happen.

So what do I advise in this situation, find ways to use the money you have to run the promo you can afford and that won’t bleed out. In fact, my perfect advice, be patient, invest the money into kinds of stuff that can bring you more money to add to what you have, e.g. businesses ventures or music streaming from Spotify, iTunes etc. Mind you there are many scammers out there, so you better be careful about the business you invest money on. As for music streaming, its still one of the best effortless investments anyone can do that can bring in steady money for any musician and Sound4mula Entertainment is the best to handle that for you.

(3) Upgrade Your Singing Ability – Let me tell you one secret too. Aside from the fact that you need to have a solid package to attract interested sponsors or investors, the first product they want to see is YOU!. Yes, YOU are the first product. So, therefore, you need to find time to upgrade your product – Singing. In case you have forgotten, there are millions of emerging musicians like you out there. Nigeria has a population of 200million people. And from our estimation, there are at least 1million musicians in the country. Those are your competitors. So if you need an investor to sight you, then leave the ordinary for the extraordinary. Before an extraordinary musician. Your skill and packaging.

With these points, 2020 should be better for you.

Sound4mula Music is ready to work with you in 2020. Your song on Tooxclusive and Naijaloaded and Notjustok or lindaikeji or Hip TV or Sound City do not guarantee attention. Stop wasting your funds on all these funny promos and then come back crying that you have invested and haven’t gotten anything back. Be patient and give your song the attention it requires and you will get the attention you also desire.

Welcome to 2020.

Happy New Year.

With love from Mr Patrick Okolie and his team at Sound4mula Entertainment Enterprise.

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